As a professional artist and with over 15 years of Graphic/Web designing experience, I bring detail oriented, top quality results for your business. I target my work efforts towards your vision and who your ideal clients are. I specialize in helping you to better brand your business, providing you with a customized presentation of your work so you can start attracting the clients you need in order to thrive in what you do best.

Here are some services I can provide:

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“The best part of working with Priscila and Primagine is that not only is she tech savvy, but she is also an amazing artist. She is the best in both worlds. We went from concept to having a working, functional and visually appealing site in just a few weeks. I have since referred her to friends and colleagues who can’t believe how good she is. Look no further people!”

Matteo Rizzetta
Owner, DJ Matteo & Associates

“I’ve been working with Priscila for the last 7 years and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is a great communicator, always listens and gives me honest feedback. She is a talented designer and can create whatever I ask her, in no time. She is reliable and available when needed. What else to say? I love working with her and will definitely continue to do so on future projects!”

Miria Kutcher
Owner, MK Life Coach

“I highly recommend Priscila Soares of Primagine for website building and design. She’s an exceptional designer and WordPress guru, highly professional and a total pleasure to work with.”

Toby Speed
Studio Director, James Jensen Studios

“Working with Priscila is always productive and a pleasure. She’s able to convert my ideas into something useful, following the latest tools and features of web designing. When I’m unsure of what I want, her ideas better help me clear my thoughts into a workable solution. I highly recommend this amazing professional who is in love with what she does!

Geisa Mourão
Owner - Life Coach, DeepChange Coaching
todd-kutcher copy

“Priscila is an artist, problem solver and talented designer. She has an innate ability to figure things out when it isn’t that clear what the proper solution should be, she can make anything look great and a real knack for keeping it all on time and on budget – she rocks! Highly recommended always.”

Todd Kutcher
Owner, Venus Bodywork

After the great work Primagine did on my first website, I didn’t hesitate to work with her again.Priscila understood my objectives and designed a search friendly profile that increases page views and calls from clients. She has an excellent work ethnics, knowledge and is attentive to my needs. She definitely has that eye of creativity and knows what can help a small business. She also helped me understand the necessary details of a good website, Thank you Priscila for the WONDERFUL work!!!

Geniana Neto
Owner, Bronze Me Brazilian

“Priscila was a pleasure to work with. She has the skills set and patience to get the work done. She brought a lot of thought and creativity to my website and I am very happy with the results. I highly recommend her!”

Sarah Cabral
Christian Sponchiado

Primagine Designs did the website for my window cleaning business and I’m very satisfied with the way it turned out. Priscila made a very professional yet clean website, making it easier for new customers to navigate it, learn more about the business, and request a service. The communication was straight forward with her and she was very open to my ideas which made it easy to work with her. At the same time, her knowledge helped to shape my ideas. Since the website has launched, there has been an increase in traffic from new customers.  She also designed a company logo which is now displayed on the company vans and uniforms of my employees, as well as documents and invoices. Thank you Priscila for the outstanding job. I will definitely use her service in the future.

Christian Sponchiado
Owner, SF Bay Window Cleaning
DJ Goyo portrait by Primagine Designs

If you are looking for a Talented Photographer/Web-Designer/Artist, Priscila Soares is your person. She has built, taken all photos, and maintained my website for over 4 years. She is quick to reply to any problems or needs you might have and is affordable. I have no complaints about working with this Talented Lady. Thanks again for all your hard work over the years!

DJ Goyo
Owner, DJ Goyo

I wanted to create a blog for a writing project and I wasn’t sure were to start. At first, I considered using a template type website were you just fill in the blanks. After looking at that option, I realized those web sights don’t offer much flexibility. I contacted Priscila Soares at Primagine Designs to design my website instead. Not only did Priscila create a site that works and looks greats, she created a website with a framework that can grow as my writing project grows. Also, because of her experience, Priscila was able to offer advice that made my site successful. She also took time to explain how things worked and continues to be available when I have questions or need something changed. I am very happy I choose Priscila Soares to create my website.

Lisa Graves
Writer/Blogger, The Broken Branch


Primagine is the root of my creations. It’s the beginning of a new idea. A thought that in some sense, anything can be possible. Imagination is the work of the mind that helps create fantasy but it also helps provide meaning to experience and understanding to knowledge.

I have always been artistic. Those juices run in my veins, flow to my hands and I constantly create, be it an art piece, a design, a photograph or anything else my mind and heart drives me to do.

I enjoy mixing medias, trying new ideas and approaching all areas of my imagination.

My goal is to see you happy, to challenge myself and amaze with the results of what I create, whether if it’s something for you to keep or to appreciate. I want to give you something out of the ordinary, a little “dream come true”, a possibility of something non-existent until now.

Give me your ideas, you thoughts, your likes and dislikes. Suggest something, ask me if I can make it happen and I’ll do everything in my power to satisfy your inner child.

Have a wonderful day!

Priscila Soares